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Community Testimonials

I love the simplicity of learning on the CyberEdu platform. Cybersecurity is a broad topic with so many things to learn. On this platform, you go through each level of complexity with breeze and you have a clear path of growth. I believe that being on this platform, with this community, it’s a strong asset.

Robert Vulpe (nytr0gen)

Security Specialist & Captain of Team Romania for European Cyber Security Challenge

CyberEDU is a good place to start learning cyber security, it gives you the basics and helps you develop the necessary skills for a successful career in this field. For these reasons I like and recommend CyberEDU.

Player @CyberEDU

Player @CyberEDU

I enjoy the CyberEDU experience because it offers a wide variety of cybersecurity exercises and challenges that suit your skill level and offer you the means to grow towards a career in cybersecurity.

Sav Sorin Andrei (Ev3nS)

Player @CyberEDU

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